Local Classes and Seminars

Diana lives and writes in Santa Fe, NM. Please check back for new classes and offers. We can also be found on Facebook at Unicorn Healers. Here is a list of the classes that Diana has offered in the past:

Spiritual Astrology

Astrology 1 : Introduction to Astrology

The Oracle of Delphi advised spiritual seekers to Know Thyself - before trying to understand anyone else. Astrology provides us with the keys to knowing ourselves, our motives, our strengths and how we can overcome our weaknesses. You are much more than your Sun sign! Get in touch with your Soul’s entire planetary makeup. The planets move and affect us everyday, some more than others. 4 weeks, class covers Houses, Planets, Signs, and your cosmic soul print.
$80 includes class materials and your Natal Chart.

Astrology 2 : Chiron nodes how to heal our soul’s path!

We will cover the relationship of Chiron (where we heal) and the Nodes (what is our soul's path) in your Natal chart. Previous experience with astrology helpful but not required. Birth date, time and place are required in order to prepare an accurate natal chart.
4 weeks

Astrology 3 : Lessons from Darth Pluto?

Our current environment: politics, rising prices, unemployment and dissatisfaction with our life’s direction all are Saturn’s lessons with a twist from the Dark Lord Pluto. Being forewarned allows us to negotiate the rapids ahead.
4 weeks

Astrology 4 : Asteroid Goddesses and Other Healers

Discover the hidden healers in your soul print. Connect with the divine energy of the Sacred Feminine as revealed in astrology and mythology.
4 weeks

Spiritual Guidance

Ask Your Guides - How to Connect to your Divine Support System

We are never alone, as spiritual beings we have an enormous support system. We are loved and valued more than most know. Have you ever wondered who that little voice in your head belongs to? Who are you listening to? Learn how to communicate and work with the Angels and the Guides available to assist us to fulfill our life’s purpose.
4 week class

Intuitive Path to Happiness, Abundance and Love

Learn how to use intuition as a life-enhancing tool to increase the happiness, abundance and love in your life with this practical interactive program that teaches you how to develop the intuitive sense that lies within you and to live in accordance with the soul's purpose by discovering your center of spiritual power. Class is presented in 2 parts – each a 4 week class

Soul Lessons for Changing Times

Earth is the Soul school for learning lessons in order to fulfill our life’s purpose. We will cover material that will bring about understanding, direction, and support so that we may learn to become the creative masters of the life that we’re intended to have on Earth. The Angels and Guides make it very clear that the time to learn our soul lessons, open our hearts, and raise our vibration on the Earth plane is now. Learn how to shift your energy levels and elevate to a more loving plane. We have no time to waste!
4 week class

Create Your Heart’s Desire for the Life you Really Want

Learn the process of creative manifestation for spiritual development by mastering the nine universal principles for creating the reality of your dreams. Discover how to make the changes in thought and behavior that will lead you to the attainment of your most heartfelt desires.
4 week class


Tarot 1 : 78 paths to Spiritual Enlightenment

Introduction to Tarot - Life is coded by the symbols that we encounter each day. Studying Tarot helps us decode those universal messages that guide us on our daily path. Come, raise your level of awareness, empower your soul and exercise your intuition with these instruments of insight and growth. Learn how Tarot can facilitate your understanding of your life and your spiritual journey.

Expose the myth used for centuries to control and keep us in the dark about a powerful spiritual tool that allows us to communicate with the Divine within us. Discover the wisdom of Einstein, Shakespeare and Carl Jung as revealed in this pictorial textbook of universal philosophy and cosmology.

Tarot 2 : The Hero’s Spiritual Journey

Explore the archetypes of the Major Arcana (the Soul’s Journey)
–Tarot 1 (above) or some experience with Tarot cards required -
Improve and expand your intuitive skills, increase your communication skills.
4 weeks

Tarot 3 : Influential People and Events

Uncover the “who” of the cards and how they relate to your life and your decisions with more in-depth work with the Minor Arcana; the people of the Court and the events that shape our life experiences. Explore how the wisdom of the Tree of Life influences our daily experiences. 
4 weeks

Tarot 4 : The Angelic Messengers

Use the tool of self-reflection and personal guidance to evolve your consciousness with the assistance of the 22 Powers who guard and guide and direct the natural forces of mind and body to the higher vibration of the Universe.
4 weeks