One Hour Readings

Personally enlightening and empowering readings for your highest direction. Universal energies are flowing through us to open our personal portals to the higher dimensions. Our readings offer Guidance and Understanding while expanding your perception of your place in the Universe. Connecting with your Angels and Guides allow you to take your next step with confidence.  PLEASE NOTE – any minutes not used can be “banked” and used on a future calls.

Cost: $100


Half Hour Readings

Great Value for follow up callers! Or for those times when you only have a few questions. Allow us to assist you in following your true path. PLEASE NOTE – any minutes not used can be “banked” and used on a future calls.
Cost: $60


Fifteen Minute Reading

Great for 1 or 2 questions, or a little daily guidance.
Cost: $30


Astrological Natal Charts

The time and date of birth is our cosmic Soul print for this lifetime. Knowing where we face our greatest challenges or our greatest blessings empowers us to stretch beyond an ordinary life and expand our journey into one of extraordinary growth and wonder. (Please NOTE – this is available for half price, if enrolled in our Astrology classes.)
Cost: $100


Intuitive Astrology Readings

Certain astrological events pop up on our journey like signposts on the interstate: to fully gain the highest benefit from them it helps to know what the path ahead holds for us. An intuitive astrological look at the impact of both Solar and Lunar eclipses, Solar Returns, and Relocation questions, can assist us in preparing for the roadblocks or the free ride of our journey.
Cost: $75


Astrological "Snapshots"

When events like Solar and Lunar Eclipses, major transits, New and Full moons occur, it is helpful to have a look to see what in your Natal chart is being activated. With a quick glance, the "snapshot" can help you be better prepared for any "bumps" or detours ahead.
Cost: $30