Take a Spiritual Journey

Our mission at Unicorn Healers is to empower others to find their inner peace and healing through spiritual guidance; to provide the tools to manifest the life that everyone truly desires; and to awaken the voice of Spirit within each of us.

We are all Spiritual beings having a Human experience.

Through the use of energy balancing modalities like Reiki and Feng Shui, we introduce methods readily available to clear and restore a positive flow to our homes and physical lives.

In our spiritual development classes, we provide various methods to balance our mind, body and spirit experience. The responsibility of a life is in the hands of the human living it. Just as having a good map will get you from Florida to California, several guideposts along the journey will assist in your human and spiritual evolution.

Personal relationships are instrumental in furthering our growth while having our Human experience. Love is truly all that is real. As we remember how to love ourselves, we open to sharing the wonders of Love with others.

Our human form is a wondrous vehicle for our spirit and as with all major appliances, the instruction manual is found inside. Open up and discover the magic within your very soul. As the embodiment of God, we are all very powerful beings. The time is now to acknowledge our birthrights, to trust our inner wisdom and to act on that wisdom.

You are invited to come find your inner beauty as you open to your spiritual self, release your past and evolve.


Reverend Diana Connell
Unicorn Healers
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Diana has done over 10,000 professional readings working as an Intuitive Advisor online at www.keen.com since 2002 under the account name:Unicorn Healers, with a consistent five star rating, her intuitive ability speaks for itself. To schedule private counseling sessions for personal spiritual guidance and direction, or intuitive readings, please click here for an appointment. Telephone appointments are available for US clients, as well as Facebook Chat for International Clients.

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